"Oh BABY...."

I'm almost done writing my very first book...... and I can't wait for you to read it.

- Nicole Trunfio


It all started ONE FINE NYC NIGHT...

with my one tall dark handsome mysterious and dayum fine Texan man in our beautiful apartment which was dubbed the (floating glass) “Castle in the Sky”, which creating the perfect setting for what was about to be the most epic, at times, journey of my entire 28 years of living on this planet, and for all its worth, it was magic. Having babies or deciding to have babies is the most peculiar, yet normal thing we can possible do as humans. It seems like such a novelty right? A baby, wow! omg! ect ect ect blah blah wank wank............ Until reality sets in. Little did I know what I was in for

If you are about to have the ride of your life, or deciding on whether on not to even go there, you are in for some good reading. I will go there, to every last nook and cranny of my own personal experience. I decided that the moment I was crawling on hands and knees back to my bed, hoping and praying I wouldn’t faint (again) for the umf time that day. No, I was not in labor, matter of fact I was nowhere near either side of labor, I had been there done that. This was weeks after I gave birth to my perfect child. After finally making it back to bed after discovering I had a bladder infection, mastitis, a really painful tear to the point where I could not bare to pee which also meant drink water, eat, you know the normal things in life, 104.3 temperature (which when googled tells you EMERGENCY, Call an ambulance and go right to the emergency room), a body that was so sore it was unable to be touched in the slightest, I had just been given 20 minute antibiotic injection in my butt by MGA which then let me to shower in which I fainted. I asked my midwife, “What else!!!”, in which she answered,”Sweetie, you have hit all the big ones, its impossible for you to go through anything more, you need to write a movie about this.” She, lets call her my Guardian Angel aka MGA, had delivered 1500000 babies, and was wrong.


STAY TUNED..........


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