For the past few years I have been exploring and become completely obsessed with a company I stumbled upon thanks to my ever curious, natural, stay at home mom, sister.... who is text book, the best mother any child could ever ask for. I really don't know how she does it. She is a true super hero. 

My sister Louise, introduced me to DoTerra, a therapeutic grade aromatherapy oil company that she has come to love, and incorporate into her every day life. Into her health and wellness, the health and wellness of her children and husband, her cooking, her cleaning products, her wisdom and even her emotional life. To the point she even started her own business with the little time she had as a mother of 3, while her husband worked away. She was so adamant I tried these products and incorporated them into my life also.

I am not fond of much new, I am also very skeptical of most things, I really need to love something to incorporate it into my busy and fleeting lifestyle. As a model, I get showered with so many products and gifted from so many different brands, I really feel like I have seen it all. Sometimes I stumble upon greatness, and that is exactly what happened here. I am now proud to say I use these oils at least twice a day for myself and my family, and my quality of life has improved dramatically. I wouldn't give these oils up for the world. 

2 Major things that got me hooked were, the way they supported my 3 month old son when he got his first cold, we were traveling at the time and by using the single oils and blends diluted, in the recommend protocol, they knocked out his cold in 24 hours and he was good as new. I always try to use the oils first when I myself or anyone in my family get sick, I love them and find them very effective. I myself, rarely get sick, the moment I really fell in love with the oils was when my sister gave me the "Emotions Book" for Chrsitmas, this was to become my little piece of gold to this current day. My sister told me to knock the book twice to release any energy that could be pending, and to ask the book for guidance or insight into an area of my life I needed support with during that time. Then to open the book up to a page, that would reveal an oil. Essential oils are also very powerful emotional healers, I found the insights and wisdom each oil possessed along with the magical scent and healing properties of the oils have helped me accelerate to become the person I have wanted to become. It is ritualistic for me to do this twice a day, morning and night, it has become my religion. Plus, it smells great, so I receive a lot of compliments and the knowledge I am acquiring on a day to day basis is truly inspiring. 


Other things I currently use my oils for are 

- relaxation

- cooking (one of my favorite things to make is sweet potato mash with butter, coconut milk, and DoTerra Ginger and Lemongrass essential oils. 

- Chakra balancing ceremonies, which I have since learnt to perform on friends and family, even strangers sometimes when I am hosting a class. 

- Personal balancing of emotions and chakras

- runny nose, cough, night sweats and immune support. 

- period/menstrual discomfort 

- head or neck tension

- focus and creativity (wild orange and citrus bliss really turn up the creativity and stimulate the imagination, don't diffuse if you are trying to relax and go to sleep) 

- any mood management

- SCENT - I use them as my daily perfume

- body oil, I add grapefruit (for cellulite) geranium and lavender to pure coconut oil as my body moisturizer. 

- demeanor, when I need to remember my grace if I am going into a situation that may make me feel ungrounded I will use Aborvitae - 'The oil of divine Grace" on my crown and vetiver on my wrists to make me stay centered. 



I am sharing this with you, because I have found these oils to be helpful and supportive, they have drastically improved my quality of life and also, I have created another business out of it, which I would like to extend to you. 

Becoming a new mother, being a stay at home mother, or having a job that doesn't inspire and support your quality of life can become daunting. We really feel the desire to have some adult conversation, sanctuary with others, that can be nurturing and also to support our families at the same time. This is why joining my team and starting you very own business with DoTerra can be a great addition and improve your own life overall. Learn more about how to build your own business here, (it is a great source of income for stay at home mothers). Or purchase oils here.